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supernal adj
1 being or coming from on high; "interpret the plague as a visitation from heaven, a supernal punishment for the sins of men" [ant: infernal]
2 of heaven or the spirit; "celestial peace"; "ethereal melodies"; "the supernal happiness of a quiet death" [syn: celestial, ethereal]

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From Old French supernal or mediaeval Latin supernalis, from Latin supernus.


IPA: /su:'pɜ:nəl/


  1. pertaining to heaven or to the sky; heavenly, celestial
    • 1922: and there, after due prayers to the gods who dwell in ether supernal, had taken solemn counsel whereby they might, if so be it might be, bring once more into honour among mortal men the winged speech of the seadivided Gael. — James Joyce, Ulysses
  2. exalted, exquisite, superlative
    • 1963: Pig, not normally reticent in these matters, now acted like a mystic after a vision; unable, maybe unwilling, to put in words this ineffable or supernal talent of Panky’s. — Thomas Pynchon, V.

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Supernal is a band founded in 2001, in the city of Calgary, AB. Having met in high school, the band played their first show when they were fifteen, becoming “Supernal” within university classroom walls. Building a local following that would embrace their first two independent CD releases, Supernal was noticed as “a breath of fresh air in . . . rock radio” (Stylus Magazine 2003). Singer/guitarist Angela Elizabeth has been performing since she was thirteen years old, her Indian father and Austrian mother supporting her career since the beginning. Brent Miller began playing piano at the age of five. His later role as the band’s bassist originated from his father’s collection of The Who albums and vintage 70’s bass gear. Lead guitarist Tony Gare began playing after his parents bought him a used electric guitar at a garage sale. He soon figured out the chords to a few Nirvana songs and went from there. With the release of the “Rhymes with Eternal” CD and DVD, Supernal graduated to the level of touring band as they scoured the continent from The Brickyard in Vancouver to The Continental in New York. Building album sales with radio play on over 300 commercial and college radio stations, they began to open for bigger bands such as Bif Naked (Calgary Stampede) and Angels and Airwaves (Molson Amphitheatre). Festival appearances with the likes of Finger Eleven and Sum 41 on the ticket stub confirmed that “the energy and vibe they provide to their audience is infectious.” (Uncharted Sounds, 2008). Supernal’s latest CD “Not For Sale”, has been described as being “angsty the whole way through, like poetry written on bathroom stalls in lipstick.” (the Reflector, 2006 ). Seeing the enthusiasm and opportunities that were garnered during their cross country tours, Supernal decided that it was time to relocate to Toronto and focus on building a following in Canada’s largest city.


  • Not For Sale (2006)
  • Rhymes With Eternal (2004)
  • There's No Excuse Not To (2003)
  • Living and Breathing (2001)

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3 of the band members having been playing together since they were 15 years old.


Supernal is a band from Toronto, and was one of the first bands I came across that really made me sit up and take notice. The lead singer, Angela Elizabeth has an amazing set of pipes and the songs she writes express a range of different emotions and tell many different stories. Check out the song “Circles” on (you can play it from the page…no need to download). This is the song that hooked me. There are plenty of others that are just as good at the band’s webpage, where you will find downloads of complete songs. They also have a CD called “Not for Sale” which is available on iTunes (and other stores).
October 9, 2006 Phil Rickaby

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